Lares to Machu Picchu 4 days

This trip combines the best of the Lares Valley with visits to the fascinating Inca archeological remains of Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu. Our first stop is the colonial town of Lares, where we bathe in the hot medicinal springs before beginning a four-day trek through the spectacular Urubamba Range. Each day is reasonably paced with ample time to enjoy the incredible scenery, lunch alongside cascading waterfalls, and appreciate the life of the Andean farmer. On the fourth day we reach the legendary Inca stronghold of Ollantaytambo, considered a living museum for its Inca stone dwellings and the people who continue to inhabit them. Next, we take the short train ride to the Machu Picchu Sanctuary, one of the world's most beautiful and important archeological remains.


Dia 01: Cusco - Lares - Huacahuasi.
So: the tour guide is come your hotel, around 5 am, you have to wait in your hotel, when everybody stays in the bus, will go to calca, from Cuzco to calca is 1hours 30 minute, in there will visit the local market, and you can eat your breakfast, and you can by the some things for the trek. After this, will continue in another car to Lares the trip is 2 hours 30 minute, will arrive around 10 am, in here you will enjoy the hot sprinte and will eat the lunch in the same places, in the afternoon will go to the base camp, will walking 4 hours to huacahuasi, the way is good, will see around the way the farmer people, buy they speak only quechua.

Dia 02: Huacahuasi - Mantanay.
Well this day the awake is 6 am, before the breakfast you can organize your back back, and later you can go to eat, so. Later you will go to the top, friends the path is good, is not motionless well the landscape is amazing in the way you will see different flora y fauna, when you get the top, you will find many stone, the people do special ceremony on the top; also you can do, after will go to the lunch camp, in here you will relax the lake is wonder full, later you will go dawn to the base camp so the time is 9 hours total this day.

Dia 03: Mantanay - Yanahuara - Ollanta Tren Aguas Calientes.
After the enjoy and living with another family, in the camp side (mantanay) is the small valley, and is close to yanahuara. The awake up is 6 am, the walk is the 3 hours to yanahuara, in there you will take the local bus to ollantaytambo, in there you will eat lunch the train is 14:25 pm to aguas calientes, when you get your hostal, you can go to hot sprinte is very close, in the after you can wait in your hostal, the another guide is come for the brifing.

Dia 04: Aguas Calientes - Machupicchu.
So the awake up is 4:30 am if you have your tickets the bus to machupicchu you can get, is you not have you can buy, because the tour is walking from aguas caliente to machupicchu, Inca side, the tour begins 6:30 am around 2 hours, after the you back to aguas calientes, and get your train tickets the time is 18:20 pm also bus from ollantaytambo, to Cuzco.

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