Ausangate Trekking 6 days

it is located in the mountain range of the Andes, in a section the called is vilcanota mountain range, corresponding to the Cuzco region in Peru. Its main summit is 6372 meters above sea level with large lagoons with a bright green / blue color.

In the inca mythology of this mountain and nearby lakes- among which sibinacocha stands out – the male energy that fertilizes the mother earth pachamama is born; after a long run, the waters are lost in the unknown lands of the amazon to return, to fill the lakes and glaciers every night turned into the river of stars or willkamayu known in the west as the milky way. The community of chilca made up of shepherds of llamas and alpacas is known as the guardian of these pristine places, from where you can make mountain walks spending the night in comfortable shelters or tambos among which are machuracay tambos, in a trekking called road of apu ausangate. Every year on the north side of the ausangate is celebrated from time immemorial the feast of qoyllur riti (quechua snow star) before the feast of corpus Christi, during which thousands of quechuas pilgrimage to the lord of quyllur in the temple of sinakara


Day 01: Cusco – Tinqui - Upis.
So friends the transfer or the tour guide is come a your hotel, the pick-up is around 5 a m; after will go to ocongate (tinki) the trip in car is 2 hours to me major (ocongate), in tinki the cook and the tour guide will buy breakfast, and start, walk to the base camp, the way is no to bad is good, from tinki to the lunch is 3 or 4 hours, after the lunch to the base camp is 2 or 3 hours in there you can enjoy the hot waters, is good and the landscape is wonder full.

Day 02: Upis - Ananta.
Well on the hike the wake up is 5 am, you can drink inside the tens, and then, organize your daffo back; 6 am you can take your breakfast, after you can go to the pass. In the path you will see many birds, alpacas, llamas, vicuñas and condors. And lakes of different colors; the lunch will take in pucaccocha lake, usually the people do in 4 hours, and after the lunch you will do 2 hours more will cross the second pass and from this point you will see the cars, some body do the tour the one day to the rainbow hill after the see will go down to the base camp the call is Ananta.

Day 03: Ananta - Lake Ausangate.
Well on the hike; the wake up is 5 am, you can drink inside the tens, and then, organize your daffo back; 6 am you can take your breakfast, after you can go to the pass. In the path you will see many birds, alpacas, llamas, vicuñas and condors. And lakes; from this point you will see the rainbow hill, you will go a there is 2 hours when arrive to vinicunca after the enjoy you back of the same path to the lunch. After let’s continue to the ausangate qocha. Base camping.

Day 04: Ausangate - Phinaya.
After strong winds all night, the wake-up is 6 am, also you can enjoy your ti inside the tens, and you can organize your daffo back, the breakfast we will have around 7, you enjoy and you can help to the horses man or you can do small exercises before walking; at the beginning will go up there and going down there, also on the left side will see another lake the color is brown and there are refuge. Some people do climbing the ausangate glacial, well you can go down and will eat lunch after this you will go up to the base camp side the name is phinaya.

Day 05: Huchuy Phinaya - Pacchanta.
Tonight you sleep the best, no to much winds, the wake-up is around 6 will eat your breakfast and enjoy this place, sometime will cross condors and horses or donkeys the way is the rock, the pass is 5200 msnm will see the jampa glacial, also the people do the climbing the tree days, from the top you will see lakes and nice places, will get the lunch close to lake, before to the base camp.

The people do from the base camp to the lunch 5 hours and after do 2 hours more to pacchanta in there you can enjoy the hot sprite is nice, the local people has hostel if you want to sleep in this you can but you can pay.

Day 06: Pacchanta - Tinqui.
After the best sleep in the town pacchanta will enjoy around the town the people is very friendly, will eat the breakfast and you can organize your daffo, agen you continue walk to tinki, the path is wonder full will see the people use only motorbike, from the base camp is 4 hours, is much better way. In tinki you can by your lunch from the local people. In the afternoon you can take your car to Cuzco.

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